Low Fat Eton Mess Recipe

Our low fat eton mess recipe contains all the goodness and sweetness of raspberries and meringues, but is made with low fat crème fraîche rather than cream.

The meringue and raspberries are so delicious that we think our low fat eton mess recipe loses nothing for forsaking the cream.


Raspberries are full of vitamins and antioxidants, and particularly high in vitamin C and dietary fibre. They grow well at home or on the allotment, and as there are summer and autumn fruiting varieties, it is possible to harvest raspberries from June through to October.

See our guide on how to grow raspberries.

Ingredients – Low Fat Eton Mess

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Low Fat Eton Mess Recipe

The first step in our eton mess recipe is to make the meringues. These add yummy, chunky, sweetness to the desert.

The trick in making the meringues is to measure the ingredients as per the recipe, ensure the mixing bowl is spotlessly clean, that there is no egg yolk in the egg whites, and to cook the meringues on a low temperature for a couple of hours.

After separating the egg whites, whisk them into soft peaks before adding any sugar. Then gradually add the sugar a little at a time. Adding the sugar helps to stiffen the egg whites.

When all the sugar is mixed in, line two baking trays with grease proof paper and place small desert spoon blobs of the meringue mixture on them, ensuring they are not touching.


Place the meringues trays in a preheated oven at 120 degrees for two hours.

The picture shows how the meringues should look when they are done. They should be easy to break into small pieces, and it does not matter if some are a little moist on the inside.


Whilst the meringues are cooking, wash the raspberries. Making the desert itself is very easy, and should be done as close to eating as possible. In a big bowl, mix the raspberries, the broken meringue pieces, together with the crème fraîche.


The recipe serves four to six people. It may be easiest to mix the ingredients together in stages. That way, if there is any left over, you can save the unmixed ingredients to eat the next day.

Serve in desert bowls. The meringues are particularly delicious, so you may want to serve some of these on a side plate.

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