Tayberry Compote Recipe

Our tayberry compote recipe is a jam that is stored in the fridge, delicious, quick to make, and significantly lower in sugar than regular jam. It is great on its own, or as toppings for ice creams, added to yoghurts or smoothies, or spread on toast.


Where as many jams taste sugary, the lower sugar level in a compote does not overpower the fruit, but helps bring out its natural flavour, making compote one of our favourite ways of enjoying fruit.

About Tayberries


Tayberries are a raspberry and blackberry cross – a large, juicy fruit that is easy to grow, hardy, and relatively disease free.

Patience is required to grow tayberries, as like summer fruiting raspberries, tayberries fruit on one year old canes rather than the current summer’s growth. Find out more about how to grow tayberries.

Tayberries can be eaten fresh, but come into their own when cooked – making particularly delicious jams. See our page on how to make jam.

Ingredients – Tayberry Compote Recipe

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Tayberry Compote Recipe

Making tayberry compote in a breadmaker with a jam setting is particularly easy. See best selling breadmakers on Amazon UK.

Find out more about breadmakers by reading our introduction on how to make bread in a breadmaker.

If you don’t have a breadmaker, simply follow the same steps and cook in a saucepan. The ingredients will need bringing to the boil, and then simmering over a low heat for about 10 minutes.

First step is preparing the fruit. As always, the fruit needs to be well washed. Unlike for jam, it doesn’t matter if the fruit is slightly overripe.


Remove the kneading blade from the bread pan – it is not required in this recipe.

Then add the tayberries, sugar, and water to the bread pan.

Press a few buttons on the breadmaker to select the right cooking programme, and about an hour later your compote will be ready. Give the mixture a good stir before serving.


If any of the compote remains uneaten after your family taste it, the compote will store in the fridge for a few days (but because of the lower sugar levels the compote will not keep for longer like jam).


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