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Recipe ideas for allotment grown fruit and vegetables


Squash Mash Recipe

Our squash mash recipe makes a sweet but lower calorie alternative to potato mash. The main difference with squash mash is that there is no need to add milk or cream, as the flesh of squash is naturally moist. Squash mash cooks faster than potato mash, and when the cooked squash is soft to the […]

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Winter Squash And Celeriac Soup Recipe

Our winter squash and celeriac soup is ideal for cold winter nights. It is nutritious, warming, and sweet tasting. Winter squash adds sweetness and thickness to the soup, whilst celeriac adds its distinctive celery like flavour. Winter squash grows like butternut squash, and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We find it […]

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Mulled Wine Recipe

Our mulled wine recipe makes a delicious fruity and spiced mulled wine. We recommended preparing the mulled wine twenty four hours before you use it, to allow all the flavours to infuse together. Mulled wine uses spices and ingredients from all round the world – none of the ingredients are traditionally found in the UK. […]

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Pea And Spinach Soup Recipe

Our pea and spinach soup recipe can be made using fresh or frozen peas, and the spinach can be substituted with chard if need be. Peas are spinach are two of the most nutritious vegetables it is possible to grow. Together they make a delicious sweet tasting soup, full of goodness, that can be enjoyed […]

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Winter Cabbage Casserole Recipe

Winter cabbage is a strong flavoured hardy vegetable, packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Simply leave on the plot through winter and harvest as required. You may like to see our guide on How To Grow Cabbage. Our winter cabbage casserole recipe is nutritious and warming for when the weather starts to get cold. It […]

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Roasted Celeriac Chips Recipe

Our roasted celeriac chips recipe is easy to make – simply peel, chop, cover with oil and a little salt, and roast in the over at 190oC for forty minutes – turning occasionally. Celeriac is a delicious, relatively low calorie, sweet tasting vegetable. Its flavour is reminiscent of celery and parsnip. You may like to […]

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Celeriac Soup Recipe

Our celeriac soup recipe is nutritious, sweet tasting, and quick to make. Celeriac has a flavour similar to celery, and is sweet like parsnip. Celeriac is relatively low in calories and high in fibre. If not using in soups, it can also be roasted like parsnip to create delicious chips. See our guide on how […]

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Breadmaker Pizza Recipe

Using a breadmaker to make the pizza dough reduces the effort and stress of preparing pizzas – whilst the base itself tastes much fresher and lighter than many shop bought bases. Breadmaker pizzas are also a great way of encouraging children to eat allotment grown vegetables like onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, peas, and sweetcorn. Topping […]

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Melon Smash Recipe

Our melon smash recipe makes an interesting, light tasting, refreshing desert. It can be made with any melon – the sweeter the better. We used one of our home grown musk melons. See our guide on How To Grow Musk Melons. The main ingredients are melon and mint, enhanced by lemon juice, olive oil, and […]

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