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Weed Control Fabric

Weed control fabric can stop gooseberry bushes looking like the ones below. At least I hope this to be true, as I want last weekend to be the last time I will need to rescue my gooseberry plants from couch grass and other weeds. This article looks at the merits of investing in weed control […]

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Irrigatia Sol C24 Review

At the time of writing, the Irrigatia Sol C24 is the Irrigatia drip irrigation system that is capable of watering the largest number of pots. You may also like to see our review of the Irrigatia Sol K12 / Irrigatia Sol C12. Alternatively, see all drip irrigation systems on Amazon UK. The Irrigatia Sol C24 […]

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Hozelock Automatic Watering System

If you have a functioning outside tap, then an automatic watering system may be an easy solution to reduce the burden of watering your pots and containers, and is especially useful to take care of watering whilst you are away on holiday. See all automatic watering systems on Amazon UK. In this video we take […]

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Allotment Rotavators

Rotavators are much debated by allotmenters. An allotment rotavator can considerably speed up the ground preparation process, and save much physical effort in the process. However, if used injudiciously, they can compact the ground and spread weeds. This article looks at both sides of the discussion. What Is An Allotment Rotavator? As the picture above suggests, […]

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Backsaver Spade Review

Autumn and spring is a great opportunity for an allotmenter to get fit through digging! A typical allotment is approximately 250m2. That is a lot of digging… In truth, digging over an allotment is not most people’s preferred way of exercising. The task of digging over an allotment is one of the biggest obstacles, both […]

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Heated Propagator Selection

Heated Propagator Selection Please see our selection of best selling Heated Propagators. Last updated September 2013. The heated propagators shown have been selected from the website, a market leading online website based in Scotland – read more here. Before purchasing, you may like to see our electric propagator review. Follow the link to see all heated propagators […]

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