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How to grow peas - flowering

Water butt size calculator

What water butt size should I buy?   This is a common question asked by people when considering purchasing a water butt. The challenge is how to calculate the water butt size for their garden. The answer will vary on many factors including the weather and the watering requirements of their plants. In this blog post […]

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Algae in water butts

Algae In Water Butts Green slime or algae in water butts can be unpleasant. The presence of algae in water butts may also be accompanied by an unpleasant smell or odour coming from the water butt. Algae in water butts can be caused by: Nutrients in the water This could be from organic matter that […]

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Insects in water butts ?

Insects in water butts Insects in water butts can be annoying whether you have mosquitos in water butts, midges in water butts or larvae in water butts – but they are not considered to be dangerous (at least in the UK). Water butts attract insects and in particular midges for the following reasons: They make […]

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