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Product Information

Where as books provide important ideas and information, the role of our product is to help a gardener create a practical plan for their growing space, and to make it easy to record their growing successes for future reference. The product includes a set of self completion materials where gardeners can sketch out their planting design, record what they plant and when, and plan their work using the Month By Month To Do Lists.

Our product includes essential growing information on a set of one page reference guides, providing the gardener with key information immediately to hand as they create their plan. Our product is suitable for both inexperience and experienced gardeners. Please note:

  • The download document is 32 A4 sized pages
  • The document is supplied in PDF format
  • The pages are viewable on screen but are not editable (they are designed to be printed)

Nearly all computers have the ability to read PDF documents. However, if you experience problems, you can download a free pdf reader here.

Full Product Details

The allotment planner and record keeper contains 32 pages in total: (Click here to see the paper version for photos of the pages)

  • Introduction to the using the product
  • Annual growing plan checklist
  • Fruit & vegetable performance records (4 pages for self completion)
  • Fruit & vegetable planting chart (squared paper for self completion)
  • 12 Month by month checklist pages
  • Quick reference guides on growing fruit and vegetables (11 pages)
    – Example Plot Layouts
    – Crop Rotation Guide
    – Introduction To Vitamins & Minerals
    – Vegetable Nutrition Guide
    – Fruit Nutrition Guide
    – Vegetable Planting Guide
    – Vegetable Sowing Guide
    – Vegetable Harvesting Guide
    – Fruit Planting & Harvesting
    – Fruit Training Guide
    – Herb Planting & Harvesting

Single User License Terms

Single User License – Creation Date 28th November 2013

This license grants the product purchaser the right to download, store, and print the product for their own personal use. The license is perpetual (not time limited), non-exclusive (other purchasers of the product will hold a similar license for their own use), and non-transferrable (the license cannot be given to others – whether or not a monetary transaction is involved).

Every page of the downloadable product is stamped with the purchaser’s email address. This is to protect our customers, and Love2Learn Allotmenting, from inappropriate use of digital downloads.

The purchaser can reprint the product as many times as they like provided the product is used solely for their own personal use.

Specifically excluded from the license is:

1) Sharing or distributing the product electronically, whether free of charge or sold, to another party or parties. This includes sending the product through email, and / or placing the product on any digital systems accessible or viewable by other parties (eg internet websites, intranet websites, file sharing systems etc.).

2) Printing paper copies of the product and then distributing these paper copies to others for their own use, whether free of charge or sold.

Copyright of all artworks and design remain the property of Love2Learn Allotmenting. The product is protected under UK Copyright Laws. Please contact Love2LearnAllotmenting for permission to use the product beyond the terms of the license agreement as described above.

Digital Products Terms & Conditions

Digital Products Terms & Conditions

Once the product has been successfully downloaded by the purchaser, no refunds will be permitted under any circumstances. The details of this policy are described below.

We would like to advise any customers who are uncomfortable with this type of arrangement, or who are for whatever reason unsure as to whether they will be able to complete the successful download of our digital product (and subsequent printing), to consider purchasing our paper version as an alternative.

Under UK distance selling regulations downloads of digital books are generally considered to be services (rather than physical products). Downloading the digital product effectively completes the service provided to the purchaser. The successful completion of the download unseals the product and removes the encryption protecting the product.

Given the nature of digital media, this prevents the purchaser from being able to return the product unused. It is the buyer’s responsibility to review the product information provided before purchase to satisfy themselves that they are happy to purchase the product as described. Love2Learn Allotmenting has made every effort to describe the product fully before purchase. If the buyer has any questions relating to the product, these should be raised prior to purchase through the contact facility on The buyer should also review the license information relating to the product prior to purchase, to ensure they understand the freedoms and exclusions provided by the license. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download the product immediately and securely back up all purchases. Love2Learn Allotmenting is not liable for any loss or damage to the digital product after successful download.


The buyer has the right to cancel their purchase at any point:

1) Before the successful completion of the product download

If the buyer experiences any problems downloading the product they should contact Love2Learn Allotmenting as soon as possible to describe the nature of the problem. We can be contacted using the contact facility on

If it is not possible to resolve the technical difficulties relating to the unsuccessful digital download, the purchaser will be entitled to a full refund of the purchase account. Love2learn Allotmenting accepts no liability over and beyond the original purchase price of the product for whatever cause, including indirect, consequential or special lose.

This exclusion does not cover the inability to print the digital document after a successful download. The responsibility to print the digital product after a successful download is the sole responsibility of the purchaser: no refunds will be provided on this basis; and no technical support will be provided by Love2Learn Allotmenting.

The purchaser is advised to seek assistance in printing their digital download by consulting the user manual of the printer, or any technical support available by the retailer or manufacturer of the printer.

Buy Now

By purchasing the item you acknowledge your agreement to:

Please note:

1) The product will be stamped with your email address on every page
2) We do not provide any refunds once you have successfully downloaded the digital product

Three Steps To Get The Product

  • Pay for the product
  • Download the product using the supplied link
  • Open and print the document

Download Help

After purchasing our product you will receive a link to download it. Simply click this link. If you are not familiar with downloading products, a common problem is not being able to find the product on your computer after you have successfully downloaded it.

You may like to conduct a test download by clicking the button below (if you are prompted to ‘open’ or ‘save’ the product, choose ‘save’). Now try and find the product in your download folder.

If you have problems, try searching for help online, eg “where is my Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari download folder”. When you successfully find it, you will be able to find our download too, as it will download to the same place.

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