Allotment Grass Cutting

Allotment Grass Cutting

Allotment-Grass-Cutting-Overgrown-GrassThere are always tasks on an allotment that get done before cutting grass. Seed germination, potting on, bed preparation, weeding, pruning, watering, and harvesting to name only a few. After all, allotmenters want to grow things, and allotment grass cutting simply takes time away from doing this.

Given all the above, it is perhaps hardly surprising that allotment grass cutting on paths and borders is forgotten about - often till they resemble a field, or it simply becomes impossible to push a wheelbarrow across the paths.

Keeping borders under control can be complicated by not wanting to store valuable equipment - like lawnmowers and fuel - in an allotment shed. Then when your back is turned - often from one weekend to the next - the borders leap upwards and become so wild that you fear whether any lawnmower is up to the task.

Perhaps worst of all, you notice all the flowers and seed heads that will will blow their seeds all over your plot - increasing your weeding and hoeing tasks for the rest of the year ... all enough to make even the seasoned allotmenter a little fed up!

Allotment Grass Cutting Solutions

There are several possible solutions to allotment grass cutting:

1) A Grass Trimmer

My motivation for purchasing a strimmer was as follows:

  • A lack of appetite for controlling borders with garden shears!
  • I wanted something portable that I could wheelbarrow (or car) to the plot
  • I didn't want to store a valuable lawnmower on the allotment - or keep fuel there
  • I wanted something that could cope with long grass and uneven surfaces
  • I didn't want power cords

I opted for a wireless electric strimmer with replacement blades. The strimmer came with one rechargeable battery that provides 20 minutes strimming time. That is enough to get around the plot, but I also have a spare just in case that came with a power tool that I purchased from the same brand. A quick, convenient solution to maintaining allotment borders and paths. Job done!

Click the link to see the current full range of Grass Trimmers on

2) A Lawnmower

The advantage of lawnmowers is their power and speed of cutting. However, petrol mowers are difficult to transport to an allotment (and are a theft risk if left on the plot). Corded mowers are not an option for lack of a plug.

Nevertheless, there are two options worthy of consideration:

  • A cordless lawnmower
  • A handpush mower

Allotment Grass Cutting -Bosch-Rotak-37-Li-Review-300x131Bosch Rotak 37 Li Cordless Mower

Cordless mowers our light and portable, opening up the possibility of being used to cut grass at home and the allotment.

One example is the Bosch Rotak 37 Li cordless lawnmower. It is light at just under 14kg, and has a cutting ability of up to 300 m2 on one battery charge.

See the review here: Bosch Rotak 37 Li Review or browse all cordless mowers on Amazon UK.


3) Allotment Hand Push Mowers

A hand push mower is light and portable, and therefore suitable for storing off plot and transporting when required to an allotment. See our article on allotment hand pushed mowers.


Featured Allotment Grass Trimmers

A selection of allotment strimmers is shown below. At time of writing these were available on Amazon UK. These strimmers are featured to illustrate the different types. To see the full range of strimmers follow this link: Grass Trimmers on .

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