Allotment Hand Push Mowers

Cutting grass on an allotment is a dilemma. An allotmenter wants to concentrate on growing fruit and vegetables, but the reality is that their plot paths and borders need to be maintained. A quick - and cheap - solution is required to stop grass and weeds getting out of control.


Grass Cutting Options

The following grass cutting / maintenance options are possible:

  • Creating non-grass paths
    Either using paving slabs, wood bark, or even tarpaulin. These can be effective, but all involve significant labour and some cost. It can also be demoralising, and extra work, to maintain these paths overtime. Nature always wins without regular maintenance.
  • Hand shears
    A cheap solution, but best for small grass areas only.
  • Strimmers
    These can be very effective at maintaining paths and borders, especially for uneven ground and when tackling long grass and weeds. You may like to see our article on the Best Allotment Strimmers.
  • Lawnmowers
    Provided the grass is not too long, lawnmowers are the fastest way of cutting grass. If your ground is flat, and your paths are of an even size and shape, a lawnmower can complete a grass cutting task in a few minutes (even faster than a strimmer). See our review of the electric cordless Bosch Rotak 37 Li.

For an allotment surrounded by grass, investing in a good strimmer or lawnmower will save significant amounts of time and effort over many years. Like cutting grass at home, the finished result is very satisfying can can quickly make an allotment appear (more) under control.

Why A Hand Pushed Mower On An Allotment?

There are challenges with keeping power tools on an allotment.

  • Theft
    Things do go missing on an unguarded allotment, and a locked shed can result in both missing tools and a broken window or door.
  • Petrol
    Keeping petrol in an unlocked shed is not advisable for safety reasons. Unfortunately, petrol engines on lawnmowers breakdown. This can be more likely to happen on cheaper, older models - the type allotmenters like to keep because of the risk of theft.

A hand push mower can avoid both of these problems. Many hand push mowers are light, and are therefore portable. If you travel by foot to your allotment it can be transported in a wheelbarrow, and can be conveniently placed into the boot of a car.

A cheap electric or petrol mower is likely to cost the same as a hand push mower. However, a hand push mower does not require petrol and is therefore much cheaper to run. As an alternative, you may like to look at rechargeable electric mowers - see Cordless Electric Lawnmowers On Amazon UK.

Are Hand Pushed Mowers Up To The Job?

Hand push mowers can be a very effective way of cutting grass. The following points may be worth considering:

  • Effort
    They need to be pushed, and are therefore physically a little harder work than an electric or petrol mower.
  • Uneven Ground
    Pushing a mower over lumpy ground will be very hard work / damaging to the mower. Consider a strimmer in this instance.
  • Long Grass
    In general, higher end (more expensive) push mowers cope better with longer grass and come with better control of cutting heights. Longer grass will require the user to push harder, and very long grass may be impossible to cut. An allotment strimmer may be the best option in this instance.

You may like to see this video (available on YouTube by Lowes):

Selection Of Allotment Hand Push Mowers

See our selection of hand push mowers below, or see All Hand Push Mowers Amazon UK.

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