Allotment Wheelbarrows

Allotment Wheelbarrows

Allotment wheelbarrows are an essential piece of equipment. They are worked hard on an allotment, carrying heavy loads over rough ground.

Allotment sheds are sometimes too full, so allotment wheelbarrows also need to be strong enough to survive all four seasons outside from freezing winter to baking summer.

If that is not enough, there is the extra consideration of theft. If allotment wheelbarrows are left outside, it is best that they do not look too pristine and re-saleable. A similar dilemna to bicycles!

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Features Of The Best Allotment Wheelbarrows

Following are our suggestions for what to consider when buying an allotment wheelbarrow. Our view is that above all else an allotment wheelbarrow needs to be relied upon - therefore durability and low maintenance are key considerations:

  • Puncture proof tyres
    A puncture proof tyre is one of the best investments I have made (no more punctures or the need to pump up the tyre). Unfortunately, many wheelbarrows don't come fitted with a puncture proof tyre, but nearly all can be fitted with one. You can see my guide on puncture proof tyres by clicking here. The tyre is likely to last longer than your wheelbarrow.
  • Size
    It is time consuming to have to constantly empty a wheelbarrow. Clearly, it is important that you feel comfortable lifting what is inside a wheelbarrow, but my suggestion is the best allotment wheelbarrows have the biggest tray you can comfortably manage. Sometimes a small tray leads to the temptation to pile things high, and that inevitably leads to spills as you walk with your barrow.
  • Tray material
    I do not know many allotmenters that clean the tray of their wheelbarrow every time they use it. Metal rusts. Even wheelbarrows with galvanised coatings are prone to losing their protective coat and rusting. My suggestion is that the best allotment wheelbarrows have a strong plastic or polypropylene tray - perhaps in a horrible colour to make it less attractive to potential thieves!
  • Stable
    A nice thick tyre and well designed barrow will help in manoeuvring the barrow around the plot. Some wheelbarrows come with two tyres to help with stability. See best selling two wheeled wheelbarrows on Amazon UK.
  • Strength
    Depending upon the design construction and strength of tray, wheelbarrows are sometimes rated for their maximum load. This is particularly important in the building trade for transporting items like bricks. On an allotment, the load weighting can provide an indication of the build quality and durability of the wheelbarrow.

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