Best Garden Incinerators

What are the best garden incinerators?

The best garden incinerators are excellent and fast at burning garden or allotment waste as they are designed to reach high temperatures. Compared to a bonfire, the best garden incinerators are also easier to light, faster and more controllable.


The benefits of buying a garden incinerator (rather than creating one yourself) is that they are already relatively cheap, and that the small but important details that help the incinerator reach a high temperature are already taken care of. Things to look for are:

  • A series of holes along the bottom sides of the incinerator and at the base to encourage air flow
  • Legs to ensure the bottom of the incinerator is raised from the ground (also to encourage air flow)
  • A lid, to help with heat retention, with small chimney
  • Bolts and nuts for the legs
  • Galvanised coating (this is a zinc coating that helps prevent the incinerator from rusting)
  • A cheap price!

Incinerators come in all shapes and sizes, but in my personal experience I prefer the round shape (rather than square) that come with a lid. I find this works well even when burning green organic matter, provided the fire is already burning strong. Click to see my guide on How to use a garden incinerator.

Best garden incinerators

When buying a garden incinerator in a DIY store there are two things to be mindful of:

  1. If they are stored outside they may already be damp (and check for rust!)
  2. Missing legs / bolts / nuts

If you prefer the convenience of buying online, follow the link to see all garden incinerators on Amazon UK. Or click one of the photos below to read the reviews on Amazon UK.

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