Cheap Wheelbarrows

Cheap Wheelbarrow


Cheap Wheelbarrow

A cheap wheelbarrow is not cheap if it needs to be bought frequently! Although we might aspire to a Jackson professional builders wheelbarrow, the truth is I know very few people prepared to invest a significant amount of money in a wheelbarrow especially if it is to be stored on an allotment.

Apart from price, the best cheap wheelbarrows need to have the following properties:

  • A careful owner
    The picture above is a typical cheap wheelbarrow spotted at my local allotment. It actually looks very much like my own wheelbarrow (but isn’t!). Any wheelbarrow left overwintering as in the picture may soon break. Even plastic wheelbarrows (wheelbarrows with plastic trays) often have metal fixings.  Notice the corroded colour around the water line. The type of plastic handles shown are notorious for breaking, or perhaps worse, starting to slip around when mud enters underneath the grips. A cheap wheelbarrow can last much longer if stored in the dry and upright, or if necessary outside but upside down so that water doesn’t pool inside it.
  • Good stability
    This is greatly helped by a good design and a wide wheel. My personal preference is for solid wheelbarrow tyres- see my post on their advantages, but I’m not aware of any model of wheelbarrow that comes with these as standard. My suggestion is to buy a cheap wheelbarrow, and after the first puncture invest in a solid tyre that is likely to outlast the lifespan on the wheelbarrow itself.
  • A deep tray
    Wheelbarrows are designed to carry up to a certain amount of weight. This is worth checking as it is highly likely that at some point you will want to load it up to its maximum. Experienced allotmenters are more likely to say ‘never overfill the barrow’. A heavy wheelbarrow is hard work and more unstable, whilst taking two loads may take a little more time but is much less effort.
  • Think about rust
    Rust is the enemy of a garden wheelbarrow, especially if a wheelbarrow needs to carry acidic manure. A good quality plastic tray or galvanised coated barrow will offer better protection.

You may like to see my post on the best wheelbarrows. Below are a selection of cheap wheelbarrows: Wheelbarrows on Amazon UK.


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