Garden Shed Buying Guide

Garden Shed Buyers Guide - Shed CollectionThere are many types of garden shed from traditional wooden sheds to strong metal sheds, and the increasingly common plastic storage sheds.

- Wooden Shed Buyers Guide
- Metal Shed Buyers Guide
- Plastic Shed Buyers Guide 

Each type has its merits. Apart from price, buying considerations include the security offered by the shed, the number of windows, what maintenance is required to keep it in good condition, ventilation, and ease of access. 

These factors influence the price of sheds, with more expensive sheds offering better security, stronger frames and roofs, and bigger windows and doors. 

See our full set of guides below.

Wooden Garden Sheds

Garden Shed Buying Guide - Wood

From simple garden sheds, to potting sheds and workshops, the natural beauty of wood can enhance any garden. 
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Metal Garden Sheds

Garden Shed Buying Guide - Metal Sheds

Strong and secure, metal garden sheds are low maintenance and long lasting. They come in many designs and colours.
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Plastic Garden Sheds

Garden Shed Buying Guide - Plastic Sheds

Quick and easy to assemble, plastic garden sheds offer a convenient low maintenance solution to outside storage.
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