Top 10 Allotment Gift Ideas

Allotment Gift Ideas

Whether thinking of a Christmas or birthday gift for yourself, or buying for a loved one, our top 10 allotment gift ideas may help.


Top Ten Ideas



1) Backsaver Spade

Do you know an allotmenter who does not moan about their back? Well, this tool can help! It is not the cheapest present, but if it saves a trip to the physiotherapist it may be considered good value.

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2) Irrigatia Drip Irrigation System

Not just for holiday watering, the Irrigatia system is powered by the sun, meaning that in hot weather it works harder, just when your plants need it most. Ideal for gardeners who like to grow heat loving plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc. or for pots.

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3) Home Weather Stations

Gardening and knowing the weather go together. Digital weather stations can take some of the guess work out of gardening decisions. Know a gadget lover, or someone who always wants to know whether they should take a brolly out when shopping?

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4) Fruit Trees From Suttons Seeds

Fruit trees come in a wide variety of root stocks enabling them to fit into most gardens and allotments. They make a great gift, as a receiver will have a permanent, enduring, and productive present for many years to come. With luck, the fruit will be enjoyed by many friends and family members too.

See the range on Suttons Seeds.



5) Heated Propagators

Heated propagators offer the enthusiastic gardener the opportunity to get going early in the New Year, and establish a production line of seedlings. Seeds germinate faster in a heated propagator, enabling the gardener to germinate more plants over the growing season.

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6) Allotment Books

Cuddled up warm reading a new book can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in life, whether at Christmas or any other time. With gardening there are always things to learn, and when growing food there is always the need to find new recipes to enjoy the bumper harvests too!



7) Fruit & Vegetable Juicers

Juice making is both a healthy and enjoyable way of eating fruit and vegetables, and is often popular with children too. Great for both making pure juice, or for creating your own special recipe, drinking juice may become part of your daily routine.

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8) Seeded Bee & Butterfly Germination Mats

There are several versions of Bee mat available, including those useful for encouraging bees or butterflies to visit your plot. As they are ready seeded, the mats help save time and effort for the gardener looking to help and attract wildlife to their garden or allotment.

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9) Wildlife World Solitary Bee House

A garden (or allotment) feature that looks nice and helps wildlife too. The special construction of the house is an ideal habitat for solitary bees, and solitary bees are good for the fruit and vegetable grower.

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Allotment Gifts Fruit Press

10) Fruit Press

A gardener can have too many apples! A fruit press is one solution to extract the juice, opening up the possibility of cider making. They come in a range of different capacities, allowing you to choose based on how much fruit needs pressing and storage space available.

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