Healthiest Vegetables & Healthiest Fruit

Do you know that many vegetables contain more vitamin C gram per gram than commonly eaten fruit like apples and oranges? Or which fruits contain the lowest amount of calories?

We have created comparison lists on the nutrition contained in fruit and vegetables, using data freely available on the US Department of Agriculture website on food nutrition, and compared these with European Food Information Council (EUFIC) statistics on recommended daily allowances (RDA).

Find the healthiest vegetables and healthiest fruits here:

Choosing to grow healthy fruit and vegetables is a good start, but even better is finding recipes that allow you to enjoy eating them! To help you on your way, you may also like to see our allotment recipe section.

Healthiest Vegetables Healthiest Fruits - Pie Chart

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Energy Composition

A look at the energy breakdown of food, including how much energy is stored as protein, fat, carbohyrates, and fibre.

Compare Nutritional Composition

Vitamin Content

Fruit and vegetables are high in soluble vitamins that cannot be stored by our body, and need to be eaten on a daily basis.

Compare Vitamin Composition

Mineral Content

Minerals are inorganic elements that play an important role in how our bodies function. Fruit and vegetables contain a wide range of minerals.

Compare Mineral Composition

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