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Essential Jam Making Equipment

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Essential Jam Making Equipment

Jam JarsThere are many types and sizes of jam jars available, with different closing mechanisms. One of the easiest are the simple screw top lids. A typical recipe will make between 3 - 5 standard size jam jars.

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Big saucepanA big steel saucepan with high sides is the ideal cooking vessel to make jam. Aluminium pans are not recommended as the acid in the fruit may react with the aluminium.

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 Food scalesWeighing the fruit and sugar accurately can help considerably to ensure that the resulting jam sets to the right consistency.

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colanderA colander is an essential piece of equipment for washing the fruit prior to cooking.

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ladleA ladle is a fast way of serving the prepared jam into jam jars.

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Wooden spoonsWooden spoons are ideal for stirring the jam during the cooking process to ensure the fruit does not stick to the sides and bottom of the pan.

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MasherA masher helps break down the fruit during cooking, releasing the pectin and the juice before the sugar is added.

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