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Specialist Jam Making Equipment

Specialist jam making equipment that can make jam making easier and more reliable. You may also like to see our page on essential jam making equipment.

Specialist Jam Making Equipment

jam thermometerA jam thermometer enables you to accurately measure the temperature of jam - helping you determine the setting point (when the jam has reached the correct consistency and is ready for jarring).

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Jam Pan
A specialist jam pan has a wide base, high sides, and easy handles to help pour the mixture into a jam funnel.

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MuslinMuslin pouches can be used to add pectin containing ingredients like apple, lemon, and orange peel to the fruit mixture during cooking, that can then be easily removed before jarring.

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Muslin SquaresMuslin squares are ideal for straining the hot fruit mixture before the final stage of cooking (when the sugar is added). Straining creates a jelly rather than a jam, but is a good option for fruit like currants that contain thick skin and pips.

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SieveAn alternative to straining, a sieve can also be used to remove skin, pips, and seed during the cooking process. The mixture may need compressing with a spoon to ensure as much juice as possible is extracted.

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Jam FunnelA jam funnel is a very useful tool, making jam jar filling much easier and less messy.

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Food millA food mill can be used to grind the fruit into very small chunks. Especially useful for fruit with skin and large pips.

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Cooling rackOnce the jam jars are filled and sealed, a cooling rack is useful to speed up the cooling process.

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jam jar tongs v2Sterilising jars results in very hot jam jars, that need to be filled whilst hot. Tongs are an excellent way of moving hot jam jars.

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TimerA timer can be very useful to ensure that correct cooking times are followed. This is particularly important in jam making to ensure a good set.

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