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  • Happy Polytunnel Veg
    Happy Polytunnel Veg
  • Daffodils Front Garden
    Daffodils Front Garden
  • New Raspberry Canes
    New Raspberry Canes
  • Nectarine Blossom
    Nectarine Blossom
  • Pink fir apple potato
    Pink fir apple potato
  • Purple Broccoli Season
    Purple Broccoli Season
  • Broad Beans Planted
    Broad Beans Planted
  • Squash Cucumber Melon
    Squash Cucumber Melon
  • Dahlias Planted
    Dahlias Planted
  • Veg to polytunnel
    Veg to polytunnel
  • Tidying raspberries
    Tidying raspberries
  • Onion rows
    Onion rows
  • Crocuses Savill Garden
    Crocuses Savill Garden
  • Daffodils
  • Snow Drops
    Snow Drops
  • Clearing Asparagus Bed
    Clearing Asparagus Bed
  • Crumble is coming
    Crumble is coming
  • Onion and shallot sets
    Onion and shallot sets
  • Seed potatoes are in
    Seed potatoes are in
  • Daffodils in snow
    Daffodils in snow
  • Unhappy Sunflower Man
    Unhappy Sunflower Man
  • Daisy Cuttings
    Daisy Cuttings
  • Polytunnel Growhouse
    Polytunnel Growhouse
  • Insulating Polytunnel
    Insulating Polytunnel
  • Cold Damaged Geraniums
    Cold Damaged Geraniums
  • Elephant garlic shoot
    Elephant garlic shoot
  • Insect Mesh Blown Off
    Insect Mesh Blown Off
  • January Harvest
    January Harvest
  • Vegetable Clock
    Vegetable Clock
  • Water Storage Idea
    Water Storage Idea
  • Dogwood Dorney Lake
    Dogwood Dorney Lake
  • Swan Fishing
    Swan Fishing
  • Polytunnel Tidying
    Polytunnel Tidying
  • Storing Dahlias
    Storing Dahlias
  • Last Polytunnel Veg
    Last Polytunnel Veg
  • Turning Compost
    Turning Compost
  • Inca Berries Storing
    Inca Berries Storing
  • Allotment In November
    Allotment In November
  • Parakeet in Berkshire
    Parakeet in Berkshire
  • Robin eating spiders
    Robin eating spiders
  • Polytunnel Clear Out
    Polytunnel Clear Out
  • Planting Elephant Garlic
    Planting Elephant Garlic
  • Geranium Cuttings
    Geranium Cuttings
  • Blueberry leaves in autumn
    Blueberry leaves in autumn
  • First Winter Cabbage
    First Winter Cabbage
  • Parakeets In Berkshire
    Parakeets In Berkshire
  • Knitted Vegetables
    Knitted Vegetables
  • Robin comes back
    Robin comes back
  • Robin watching as I dig
    Robin watching as I dig
  • Tap roots are out!
    Tap roots are out!