Metal Shed Buying Guide

Metal Shed Buying Guide

The best metal sheds provide a stronger, more secure alternative to wooden sheds, and require less maintenance. Cheap wooden sheds can be prone to rotting, warping, and other water related problems, and may require yearly application of wood treatments. The best metal sheds are installed once and can be relied upon to remain strong and secure for many years. Unlike many of their wooden counterparts, the best metal sheds come with a strong lockable door.

The Base

Metal sheds require a strong stable base. Where as cheap wooden sheds can be sited on railway sleepers or shed frames driven into the soil, a metal shed requires to stand on a level concrete base. This is worth the time and cost investment, as the best metal sheds can be relied upon for over a decade's worth of secure outside storage.

Not All Metal Sheds Are The Same

Cheap metal sheds may not be as robust (thickness of metal), durable (rust proof coating), or well made (ease of assembly & durability) as the best metal sheds. If the intention is to buy a durable metal shed for secure storage, it may well be advisable to pay more for high quality metal sheds that come with a long manufacturer guarantee.


Metal sheds are designed to stand on a flat concrete base, which can also be used as the floor of the shed itself. If you would like an additional floor to the shed, this is worth checking at time of purchase, as not all sheds come with floors as standard.


The best metal shed for you will be one that is built the way you want it. Options are likely to include:
  • Specifying the number of windows (if any)
  • Dimensions (many sheds come in a range of sizes)
  • Flooring
  • The type of doors (single or double)
  • Intruder alarms
  • Colour


The bigger the better! Expect to pay more for larger sheds. More storage space is always valuable if you have the space and the budget.


Water can condense against the cool metal sides and roof, which can lead to condensation and dampness building up inside a metal shed. For this reason, it is advisable to consider the amount of ventilation within the shed design. Ventilation panels built into the shed walls is a good solution.

Best Metal Sheds Selection

The following metal sheds have been selected from Garden Buildings Direct, a leading supplier of garden buildings online. Follow the link to see their range of best selling metal sheds.  

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