Polytunnel Growing GuidePolytunnel Growing

Polytunnels are ideal for allotments as they are easy to build, strong and durable, and make growing heat loving plants much easier and more successful.

Polytunnels are a great aid for spring germination, help extend the growing season, and can protect tender plants during the winter.

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Polytunnel Growing Guides

In our polytunnel growing guides we cover the basics of how to build a polytunnel, polytunnel watering, and a video showcasing our first year of growing in our polytunnel from Premier Polytunnels.

Latest Pictures From Our Polytunnel

  • Growing Peas In Pots
    Growing Peas In Pots
  • Summer Salad
    Summer Salad
  • Baby Cucumbers
    Baby Cucumbers
  • Water Butts Are Go!
    Water Butts Are Go!
  • Polytunnel Tomatoes
    Polytunnel Tomatoes

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