Best Shed Bases

What are the best shed bases and how much do they cost?

A wooden garden or allotment shed needs to stand on a base to preserve its life, otherwise there is risk or warping and rotting. The strongest and most durable shed base is a concrete slab, see our page on how to make a concrete shed base for more details.

The base needs to be strong and stable, as any movement of the shed base will have a knock on effect on the stability and strength of the shed itself.



If a concrete shed base is too expensive or not practical for you situation, there are many DIY alternatives. These can cost between £50-100 or more.

If money is an prime consideration, you may like to see this article on the best plastic storage sheds.

Here are some considerations when choosing the best shed base:

  • Ideally the shed base should allow air to circulate underneath the shed
  • Bases underneath sheds are ideal areas for vermin to live in
    (you may want to add protection to avoid vermin getting in)
  • There may be restrictions at an allotment on the use of concrete or other building materials that are hard to dispose of


Cheap shed base solutions

Some alternatives to buying a ready made shed base are as follows:

  • Standing a shed on paving slabs
    This involves marking out an area slighly larger than your shed. You will then need to prepare the earth for it to stand on, flatten it and apply a layer of builders sand. Using a spirit level, you can then lay paving slabs to get a level surface to stand the shed on. You also may wish to add a layer of weed fabric before using the builders sand. See paving slabs on Amazon UK.
  • Standing a shed on concrete blocks
    This method involves digging 10cm deep channels to stand the concrete blocks on. The shed then stands upon the rows of concrete blocks. See concrete blocks on Amazon UK.
  • Standing a shed on pallets
    Ensure the ground is flat before placing the pallets.
  • Standing a shed on railway sleepers
    If you can access sleepers, these are a very strong base that you can stand your shed on, and they can be used to screw down the shed onto to help prevent wind damage. Ensure the ground is level before placing the sleepers. See railway sleepers on Amazon UK.

Best shed bases

If the above ideas are difficult to source, you can buy plastic pavers or grids as an alternative system. The ground will need to be prepared to create a flat surface, and compressed either by a roller or by repeated walking over. The pavers can then be laid on top and filled with soil, sand, or small gravel to create a strong base.

See the range below or view all shed base products on Amazon UK.

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