Cheap Sheds

Cheap Sheds

Want a cheap shed? This article may help you! A cheap shed is only cheap if you avoid needing to buy one twice. This article will assume you want to buy a cheap shed made of wood. However, you may want to see my article on the ‘Best Plastic Storage Sheds‘.

Cheap sheds - apex roof

Cheap sheds are typically made of soft wood that is not durable unless treated and protected. Indeed, a cheap shed may need an annual coating of a wood preservation treatment to stop water penetrating inside the wood and causing it to expand and warp.

Perhaps even more important than an annual preservation treatment is to ensure the shed stands on a good shed base, meaning one that will not move and raises the shed off the ground to prevent damp entering bottom up. This is a subject all by itself, and if you are new to buying a shed I recommend you read my article on the ‘Best Shed Bases‘.

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Buying Considerations – Cheap Sheds

Having decided what base you will be using the first step is to consider what style of shed you want to buy. The picture at the beginning of this article is of a pent shed, one with a triangular roof with the door typically positioned at one end. This door position lends inside to enabling double doors on the larger sheds which is ideal for moving larger items in and out. Also, it creates room for a long window along the side wall which can be useful for growing on seedlings.

Alternatively you may want to consider a pent shed like in the picture below.

Cheap Sheds - Pent Roof


Pent sheds have a single piece sloping roof and often have their door along the front face. The design is simple and easier to construct, but is typically less strong than an apex shed design. Often the choice between apex and pent is based on personal taste and the easiest door position.

Other decisions you will need to make are:

  • Tongue & groove (Shiplap) Construction Versus Overlap (Feather Edge)
    This refers to how the boards of the shed are put together. Tongue & groove fit together like floor boards (as shown in the first shed above). This is a strong construction. Overlap construction (as in the blue shed above) is less strong but often cheaper.
  • Windows
    To state the obvious they are important for light. Windows can increase the cost of the shed, and reduce it’s security.
  • Water Collection
    At an allotment, or in the garden, you may want to collect water for your plants. Pent sheds need one gutter and downpipe to connect to a waterbutt, apex sheds need two gutters etc.
  • Maintenance
    Wood that is treated and preserved is more expensive. Cheap sheds will need yearly maintenance, more expensive sheds with preserved wood may not require maintenance at all.
  • Size
    The adage is that you cannot have too much storage space – you’ll never regret it! However, it will cost more. If you are growing fruit and vegetables you may also want to consider the height of the shed and the shadow it may cast. The best solution is to position the shed at the north end of the plot.


Shopping For Cheap Sheds

How much you pay will depend on your answers to the considerations above. Expect to pay in the region of £100 to £300 for cheap sheds depending upon their size and specification. You can see the range of prices by clicking on this link: sheds on Amazon UK.

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