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Rotating Composters Selection

Rotating Composters Selection Please see our selection of Rotating Composters (or compost tumblers). Last updated September 2013. These rotating composters are available through Harrod Horticultural. Trading since 1954, Harrod Horticultural is a team of ‘grow your own’ gardeners that design and manufacture many of their own products. Where possible, Harrod Horticultural products are despatched within 3-5 days using recycled cardboard […]

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Introduction To Rotating Composters

A rotating composter can make ready to use compost in under 8 weeks. Read on to see our introduction to making compost in a compost tumbler. You may also like to see our guide to making compost here. Click On Photos To View On Amazon UK Review Of Rotating Composters Rotating composters make compost faster […]

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