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Electric Propagator Review

Electric Propagator Review Owners of electric propagators enthuse about their success. On the other hand, there are sceptics of electric propagators who say that there is little benefit to ‘forcing’ early germination, as seeds planted later soon catch up with their older siblings. So who is correct? Our electric propagator review looks at whether they […]

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Composting - At the allotment

Best Wormery?

Wormery Buyer’s Guide It may be strange to say, but wormeries can make a great present, or personal reward, for a keen allotmenter. They can also be excellent at motivating children to become involved in gardening through the enjoyment of feeding the worms. Why are wormeries so good? It is because they make compost fast, and […]

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Allotment Wheelbarrows

Allotment Wheelbarrows Allotment wheelbarrows are an essential piece of equipment. They are worked hard on an allotment, carrying heavy loads over rough ground. Allotment sheds are sometimes too full, so allotment wheelbarrows also need to be strong enough to survive all four seasons outside from freezing winter to baking summer. If that is not enough, […]

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Best Wheelbarrows

Best Weelbarrows The best wheelbarrows are able to cope with whatever you are likely to use it for, and the biggest, strongest, and best wheelbarrows start at around £50, and some are over £100. This is a significant investment, so we suggest that you choose one of the following approaches: Buy it cheap This can […]

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Best Weed Pullers

Best Weed Pullers Dandelions may look pretty in the right place (wild in a field), but on a garden lawn they grow and seed very quickly, and can ruin a gardener’s dream of a manicured lawn. Once established, dandelions – and other similar weeds – are difficult to remove without damaging the lawn due to […]

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