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Allotment Grass Cutting

Allotment Grass Cutting There are always tasks on an allotment that get done before cutting grass. Seed germination, potting on, bed preparation, weeding, pruning, watering, and harvesting to name only a few. After all, allotmenters want to grow things, and allotment grass cutting simply takes time away from doing this. Given all the above, it […]

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Best Allotment Strimmers

Best Allotment Strimmers You can use the best allotment strimmers to easily cut grass and maintain paths and borders on an allotment. Compared to grass cutting at home, an allotment poses a different challenge: There is a security concern with storing expensive items in an allotment shed Weeds grow wild at amazing speed on the […]

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Best Garden Strimmers

Best Garden Strimmers Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and have different challenges like slopes, vegetation, walls and borders – these are all situations that garden strimmers, or grass trimmers, can help. Choosing from the best garden strimmers is a case of matching the trimmer for the task it needs to do.  The good news is […]

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