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Irrigatia Sol C24 Review

At the time of writing, the Irrigatia Sol C24 is the Irrigatia drip irrigation system that is capable of watering the largest number of pots. You may also like to see our review of the Irrigatia Sol K12 / Irrigatia Sol C12. Alternatively, see all drip irrigation systems on Amazon UK. The Irrigatia Sol C24 […]

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Hozelock Automatic Watering System

If you have a functioning outside tap, then an automatic watering system may be an easy solution to reduce the burden of watering your pots and containers, and is especially useful to take care of watering whilst you are away on holiday. See all automatic watering systems on Amazon UK. In this video we take […]

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Bottle Top Watering Spikes Review

Bottle top watering spikes drip water out of their spike to water plants. Depending on the make of bottle top waterers, they are compatible with most (but not all) brands of water bottles sold in our shops. The main benefits of bottle top waterers are as follows: How To Use Bottle Top Watering Spikes Not […]

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Allotmenting Watering

Ten Allotment Watering Tips It does not take long before a period of hot weather makes an allotmenter become fed up with watering. Hot weather can force the keen allotmenter to relentlessly, tirelessly, but willingly lug heavy watering cans round their plot several times a week, whilst covered in sweat and getting bitten by the […]

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