Stone Wool Germination

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By: Love 2 Learn Allotmenting

After a disappointing first sowing of tomato seeds that had a 50% germination rate, I wanted to have another try. Walking around Reading Ikea, I noticed that they were selling stone wool cubes, nutrient solution, and windowsill germinators. My wish and their products came together in happy coincidence.

What I like about germinating in stone wool (or rock wool) is the clean hands experience. It is also very, very quick, and my previous experiences have shown a high germination rate. I decided that having bought the Ikea equipment, I would also buy some fresh seed to maximise my chances of success.

Within half an hour, I had sown approximately 50 seeds including tomatoes, peppers, thyme, lettuce, and kohlrabi. I don’t know if this type of sowing will suite all seed types, but with 50 spaces in the tray, there was enough opportunity for experimentation.

See our video on germinating using rock wool cubes.

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