Vitamin E In Fruit & Vegetables

Vitamin E In Fruit & Veg

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps our immune system and protects against cell damage.

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The nutritional information has been compiled* by us from information freely available and published by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics on the nutritional make up of food, and combined* with European Food Information Council (EUFIC) information on Recommended Daily Allowances.

Please note the information shown on this website is for comparison purposes only, and is not intended as dietary or medical advice. Please see our disclaimer for further information.

[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”11″ size_format=”px”]*Based on information as published on their websites in January 2015[/typography]


Vitamin E In Vegetables

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% RDA per 100g Name Grow In UK?
20 Mustard (Green) Yes
20 Spinach Yes
19 Chard Yes
16 Pepper (Red Sweet) Yes
15 Parsnip Yes
15 Kale Yes
14 New Zealand Spinach Yes
11 Pumpkin Yes
11 Asparagus Yes
9 Leeks Yes
9 Brussels Sprouts Yes
8 Broccoli Yes
7 Chilli (Red Hot) Yes
7 Cress Yes
7 Butter Beans (Beans Without Pods) No (under normal conditions)
7 Carrots Yes
5 Tomato Yes
5 Kohl Rabi Yes
4 Rocket Yes
4 French Beans Yes
4 Celeriac Yes
3 Aubergine (Egg Plant) Yes
3 Sweet Potato Yes
3 Swede Yes
3 Rhubarb Yes
3 Celery Yes
2 Cabbage Yes
2 Globe Artichoke Yes
2 Jerusalem Artichoke Yes
1 Lettuce (Cos) Yes
1 Broad Beans (Beans Without Pods) Yes
1 Pak Choi Yes
1 Courgette / Marrow Yes
1 Peas Yes
1 Sweetcorn Yes
1 Garlic Yes
1 Cauliflower Yes
1 Winter Squash Yes
0 Beetroot Yes
0 Salsify Yes
0 Shallots Yes
0 Onion Yes
0 Cucumber Yes
0 Potato Yes
0 Turnip Yes
0 Radish Yes
0 Mushrooms (White) Yes


Vitamin E In Fruit

Quick Links: Vitamin E In Vegetables | Vitamin E In Fruit

% RDA per 100g Name Grow In UK?
21 Avocado No (under normal conditions)
17 Olives Yes
15 Kiwi Fruit Yes
12 Cranberries Yes
12 Blackberries Yes
10 Blackcurrants Yes
9 Boysenberries Yes
9 Raspberries Yes
9 Apricot Yes
9 Loganberries Yes
7 Peach Yes
6 Blueberries Yes
6 Pomegranate No (under normal conditions)
4 Gooseberries Yes
3 Plum Yes
3 Strawberries Yes
2 Lemon No (under normal conditions)
2 Lime No (under normal conditions)
2 Mandarin No (under normal conditions)
2 Orange No (under normal conditions)
2 Grapes Yes
2 Apple Yes
2 Coconut No (under normal conditions)
1 Grapefruit No (under normal conditions)
1 Pear Yes
1 Cherries (Sour) Yes
1 Cherries (Sweet) Yes
1 Figs Yes
1 Redcurrants & White Currants Yes
1 Banana No (under normal conditions)
0 Pineapple Yes
0 Melon (Honeydew) Yes
0 Inca Berry Yes

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